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Mary and Rich Chamberlin   love Africa and are excited                                                                                     to share their experiences as travelers, writers, and world citizens.

Their award-winning book "Mama Panya's Pancakes" is published by Barefoot Books in the US and UK, and across the world (including Spain,   France, Brazil, Denmark, Belgium, and Korea).

Crowned Crane
Bean wears Swahili Necklace
Acacia Tree

A husband and wife writing team living in Naperville, Mary and Rich love to share international stories, play games, and show people that "We Are All One."

They've traveled around the world in search of stories - to China, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, England, and of course Africa - to Kenya and Tanzania. They also have written, directed, and produced several shadow puppetry shows using authentic Wayang Klitik, Golek, and Chinese leather puppets.                                                         
Mary and Rich have been writing for more than 20 years and over the last five have collaborated on award winning short stories, magazine articles, and educational materials.


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