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 Wanna write a book? Ye’ve Come to the Right Place, Matey.

Rich and Mary Holding Trisha and Bean

Hey Kids! Bean (aka Captain Jack Rabbit) and  Trisha “Scurvy” Dogg here.

As you see, we’re the REAL writers in the  family. Arrggh - we’ve taken over this human website, and from our costumes you know we mean business.

While our humans sit and smile, we’re discussing our next story.  Do you want to see how we write? Quick, click here and maybe you can join our crew.

Trisha Pirate02

By the authors of the multiple award-winning book "Mama Panya's Pancakes" - set in Kenya, the story of a young mother who barely has enough money to feed her son Adika. He points out that he's one step ahead of her - inviting all their friends to dinner - tonight! How will she be able to feed them all? This story of generosity and community was an honorable mention for the 2007 Maryland “Black Eyed Susan” Award, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2006 Gold Award winner in the Picture Book category.

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